Paragraph on Period without a Teacher – By Anand


The most exciting news for children in a classroom is to learn that the concerned class teacher is absent.

After hours of slogging in the class by making notes, reading passages and answering questions, students just brim up with joy when they get to hear such news. I once had a similar experience during my third grade.

News of Teacher Being Absent:


It was summer time and the new term had just begun. For a period of three weeks, students were over-burdened with classwork and homework. On one certain day, after the first three classes had gotten over, the principal’s assistant entered into our classroom and announced that our History teacher was absent that day and we were supposed to sit quietly in the classroom without making any noise. She said so and went away.

Pandemonium in Class:

The moment the principal’s assistant left our classroom, the children shouted with joy. It was as if someone made a war cry. People were so happy that they climbed over their desks and started throwing their notes in the air. It was an unprecedented scene. Being the class monitor, I wanted to tone down the disturbance and set things in order but even I was hailing at the top of my voice.

The three-week long exhaustion of the students came out in loud shrills that day. I was pretty sure that some school official must have heard the noise and is on his way already. I finally gathered my senses and went to the front of the class and pleaded with everyone to tone down their voices. The students heard me but their voices amplified.

Principal in the Vicinity:

While the pandemonium was going on, we had no knowledge that the principal was on one of his weekly rounds that day. When the class was at the peak of disturbance, he stormed right into the room. The noise went down from infinity to zero in a matter of seconds. My heart started pounding faster as I knew that being the monitor of the class, I would be punished. But to our utter disbelief, the principal told us that he understood our cause for jubilation and he would forgive us all if we promised to stay quiet for the rest of the period. The students thanked the principal and sincerely obeyed his order.



It was an amazing experience to be a part of the class which was without a teacher. It was exciting, fun and also scary at a certain moment. We also learnt a lesson that day that even in excitement never forget to keep track of surroundings.

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